Lodge History




COMMUNICATION DATE:  1st Wednesday of each month

MEETING LOCATION:  2960 Technology Pl, Waldorf, Md 20602 #103


S.T. Kendall Lodge was started in 2018 and it’s first elected officers are Worshipful Master Jerome Johnson III, Senior Warden Anthony Miles, and Junior Warden Steven Queen.  It is currently the only Prince Hall Affiliated Lodge in Waldorf, Maryland.  The lodge is named after the courageous Grand Master S.T. Kendall. Here is a portion of the little-known history of Grand Master S.T. Kendall:


In 1869 a fire destroyed Massachusetts' Grand Lodge headquarters and a number of its priceless records. The charter in its metal tube was in the Grand Lodge chest. The tube saved the charter from the flames, but the intense heat charred the paper.  It was at this time that Grand Master S.T. Kendall crawled into the burning building and in peril of his life, saved the charter from complete destruction. Thus, a Grand Master's devotion and heroism further consecrated this parchment to us, and added a further detail to its already interesting history. The original Charter No. 459 has long since been made secure between heavy plate glass and is kept in a fire-proof vault in a downtown Boston bank.  It is brought out and displayed only once every 10 years during a weekend-long ceremonial celebration of Prince Hall hosted by the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and attended by Masons from around the world. 

Thus, Grand Master S.T. Kendall saved Prince Hall Masonry.